Oshawa Health Centre

247 Simcoe Street North,
1st Floor, Oshawa, ON L1G 4T3

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 Effective October 1, 2012, Our Medical Walk-in Clinic is NOW OPEN the following hours:


  • Monday - 8:30am - 7:30pm

  • Tuesday - 1:00 - 7:30pm

  • Wednesday - 8:30am - 11:30am
    On this day, for afternoon and evening please attend the walk in centre at the Glazier Medical Clinic

  • Thursday - 8:30am - 4:00pm

  • Friday - 8:30am - 5:00pm
    On this day, for afternoon and evening please attend the walk in centre at the Glazier Medical Clinic

  • Saturday/Sunday - Closed at this location (please attend the walk in centre at the Glazier Medical Clinic)



Oshawa Health Centre (OHC) is a modern, full range health care provider at the intersection of Simcoe and Adelaide streets in the heart of Oshawa. OHC is built to provide the care people need, when they need it to minimize discomfort, pain and worry. Together with very user-friendly physical facilities, our proficient and dedicated health professionals, working as a team under one roof, makes that goal attainable.

The Health Centre is wheelchair accessible and vehicle parking is available on the property. The caring, friendly reception staff, competent and dedicated health professionals, minimal waiting times and the pleasant, comfortable ambiance all aim to make your visit to OHC pleasant, successful and satisfying.

Being healthy is the payoff for a life-long commitment to pursue physical and emotional well-being. Most people need professional help to achieve and to maintain good health. Our strong Family Health Group of physicians and the team of primary caregivers are just the right people to provide that help. They, including nurse practitioner, chiropractor, physiotherapist, dietitian, registered massage therapists, counsellors and occupational therapists know exactly how to help you achieve your health goals.

You may well seek relief from a sickness or injury. We can help you with that. You might need to restore (rehabilitate) abilities lost through an injury. We have years of successful experience in that field. Perhaps your ambition is to become healthier and stronger. That is one of the key missions of OHC. We keep up to date with the latest scientific discoveries in health improvement and health preservation. Of course, we also take care to apply technology only after it has proven to be both safe and effective.