Oshawa Health Centre

Career Opportunities

An Invitation to Physicians

Oshawa Health Centre (OHC) invites physicians to explore professional career opportunities as key members of its dedicated, progressive, collegial healthcare team.

OHC is a ‘Happy Ship’. The existing crew works together in admirable harmony and delivers high quality of a full range of health services. Physicians have a pivotal, enabling role in that process.

The social environment at OHC is very agreeable and the physical facilities are pleasant for practitioners and patients alike. With the support provided, doctors joining the Health Centre team will find it easy to ramp up their practice and establish their financial security.

The Health Centre provides all necessary practice resources including furnished office space and equipment. Administrative, appointment, reception, record keeping, billing and collection services are also provided. In effect, the only task left to the physician is the interaction with his / her patients.

It is our goal and desire to forge long-term working relationships with associates. We offer physicians opportunities for partnerships. With a voice in setting the course of the Health Centre, doctors can influence the quality of their own professional lives. OHC encourages associates and partners to realize their professional growth potential through association with like-minded peers. In addition, there are opportunities for participation in a variety of on-going and planned research studies or other suitable activities of their choice.

In addition to the major share of billed services (currently 75 percent), material incentives include family life insurance coverage, extended health and prescription drug insurance.


An Invitation to Health Professionals

To be with the best one has to be among the best. To be in the lead, one must embrace progress. Oshawa Health Centre (OHC) is actively seeking ambitious, enthusiastic, dedicated physiotherapists, occupational therapists, dietitians, and support staff to add their top-level skills to the A-Team in health care.

The Quality of Working Life is very important at OHC. Work procedures, the social and physical surroundings and team harmony receive a great deal of attention. The aim is to make ‘The Health Centre’ an excellent place for long-term working relationships.

In addition to competitive compensation arrangements, OHC makes great effort to provide opportunities for professional growth in the form of education, innovative work assignments and participation in research projects.

If you feel up to this challenge, pleases contact us by phone, fax, mail or e-mail.